Painting, pancakes and winter walks

Distraction is definitely the key. I was out of the house all day, walking, chatting, eating and painting with one of my friends. Definitely kept my brain off thinking about my mood.

I know it helped because I’m home now and the negative feelings are coming back…so I’m starting to write.

It was a chilly Saturday but nice and fresh for a good long walk, but first, a stop for some breakfast at one of my favourite local cafes, Cullercoats Coffee. They make the most amazing eggy bread! Not great for healthy eating but tasty!


Me and my friend then had a lovely brisk walk through Tynemouth into North Shields to go to this great place called Pots and Pancakes. It’s a place where you can paint clay items and eat pancakes. Why wouldn’t you want to go?

I painted a cactus mug for when I go back to work to use for my bucket load of coffee I drink everyday. When it goes in the kiln and gets glazed the colour will be much darker…

We spent four hours painting. It was really therapeutic and all I could think about for those hours was painting. It totally clears your mind. My coffee even went cold as I forgot about it and that isn’t like me!


…and of course…we had to have pancakes to get the full experience…I went with chocolate orange flavour.


I’m so tired now. It’s always really daunting going out for a full day as I never know what mood I’m going to be in. I have had a few not so good days so I’m happy I got out. Hopefully it means I will have a decent night of sleep from all of the coastal fresh air!

Well this is daunting…


Okay…so I have decided to revamp what was my book blog and transform this site in to a kind of ‘wellness journey’ (or if you can think of a less cheesy way of describing what I mean, do let me know).

As many of my close friends know, mental health is currently playing a big role in my life right now whether I want it to or not.

This blog isn’t about me going into detail about what’s wrong or how I’m feeling, it’s going to be focussing on the positives – what I’m trying to do to help myself. When I look back over the coming months and year, I hope it will help others too.

So far, I haven’t really made a huge effort to take part in activities that will help me, other than a few walks and some crafting. Thanks to the gentle kick up the backside from certain individuals (you know who you are!) to try more things, I have decided to document everything that I do whether I end up liking it or absolutely hating it.

I’m not talking about anything extreme like bungee jumping or walking on fire (although if you think that’ll help you by all means try it) I just mean random things like writing classes or running – yuk.

I tend to forget the nice stuff I’ve done and naturally focus on how rubbish I’m feeling so I’m hoping that by documenting everything, I can remember the good things. I know it won’t be a miracle cure but if it can give me one or two sparkly moments that will do me for now.

P.S. If I end up not posting in a while, please nag me!